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8th, 9th & 10th Feburary

Hello There

About Breeze

It's Breeze Time! Shiv Nadar University's 3 day sports - techno - cultural event that's amassed more than 25000 people, more than a hundred colleges, and a reach of a whopping 50000 on Social Media is back - Breeze'19 promises to be bigger and better in every way! We've got events organised by over 40 clubs, ranging from literary to technical, dance to programming, debating to cooking, just to mention a few. The Breeze Hall of Fame is adorned with outstanding artist lineups that includes Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kanan Gill,The Local Train etc with the promise of many more great artists to come. We look forward to welcoming you at Shiv Nadar University for our Annual Fest, where we give you the chance to do it all.

50 K+
People reached through
social media
100 +
Participating colleges
25 K+
Cummulative footfall
over five years

Break The Internet

With Breeze'19 the hype is real. We will bring you experiences that'll make your heart fly as fast as Nyan cat. You won't get enough of our Kikis and Jhonnies, you'll be drawn to our fest like moth(s) (memes) to a flame. This year we will have bigger events, better stalls and more poeple than most SoundCloud rappers have plays. The internet has been here a long time, each generation of users have experienced and continue to experience it in different ways, it is the complexity of the internet that makes it such a wonderful resource, that it has integrated into our daily lives. This year there will be something for everyone from gaming to BuzzFeed, your most loved Vines (RIP) and even Tumblr. There's no need to ask Kowalski for an analysis, just come to Breeze.

About Breakfree

The objective behind Breakfree is to build social responsibility in the community to advocate for social awareness, welfare and to fight against discrimination. BreakFree has conducted 3 successful initiatives so far:

Dohri Zindagi

A play based on a folklore by the renowned Rajasthani writer, Padmashri Vijaydaan Detha. The play is a powerful and bold rendition of Detha's ingenious work that questions society's perception of gender and sexuality. The play was selected as one of the 10 best plays of 2016 by Stage Culture Magazine, and has received the precious Gender Bender grant. On 25th October 2017, the community here at Shiv Nadar University was deeply impacted by the performances of this illustrious team.

Donation Drive with Goonj from 6th-8th October

An aspect of Daan Utsav, which is an annual week-long donation drive conducted between October 2–8, Goonj, in association with BreakFree conducted their nationwide campaign on SNU grounds as well. During the week, people from across India contribute under-utilized goods and clothes from their homes, offices and schools in urban area to be distributed to rural and poor areas.

TOHFA - A Fruit Donation Drive

In collaboration with SNU’s very own Feeding India Chapter, TOHFA was conducted over 6th and 7th september 2018 during which students and staff members could buy fruit packages (An apple, two bananas and a tetra-pack of chocolate milk) for 600+ students of local schools in and around Dadri. After an overwhelming response of over 650 donations, the Breeze Team witnessed one of our most successful initiatives to date.

Break Free