The Ministry of Magic shall be working in cohesion with The Order of The Phoenix to counter the threat to the wizarding world from Lord Voldemort’s forces, which shall be delivered to the committee in the form of crisis updates. Such counters are expected to be in the form of directives, which may be individual or unanimous, depending on the direction debate takes in committee.Keep in mind that all the information after the Freeze Date is invalid, since time has not progressed beyond that yet. While staying in character is a must, delegates do have relatively fluid avenues of action given that this is a crisis committee. Also, a certain character might have taken some decision in the books based on information that they were privy to in the series, but if it is not available in committee, it would be inappropriate to take similar action for the same delegate. You are advised to simply bring the basics of your portfolio in mind to the committee.


    It's July 3,1996
    Flow of debate

Pieces of news shall be presented as crises to the committee, which the delegates shall have to collectively strategize to solve in the capacity of their portfolios. All delegates are supposed to stay in character while making statements towards the achievement of the aforementioned aim. Any break from character will be noticed by the Executive Board and penalized accordingly. After due discussion towards a solution to a crisis, delegates shall be expected to present a directive detailing proposed solutions to the Executive Board.

A committee directive is subject to the mandate of the committee and must fall strictly within the same. Such directives do not need to be voted upon, since it is understood that all delegates support them; the EB will take them as they are and use the actions suggested in them as context for the next crisis and/or to influence the result of the previous one. If the directive does not have the consent of all delegates before it is presented to the EB, the directive needs to be voted upon by the committee. This is done after a discussion on the directive, which may either be clause-by- clause or as a whole. This is left up to the delegate(s) authoring the directive to decide. If the majority of delegates support the directive, it is passed, else it fails. Delegates also have the option to add information a crisis using their channels of communication with a tool called a Crisis Note. They are pieces of information that the delegate feels are useful to the crisis and are subject to approval by the Executive Board. Overall, this shall be a Continuous Crisis Committee with standard UNA-USA rules of procedure, with special provisions made owing to the slightly different nature of debate as per the discretion of the Executive Board. Said provisions are detailed below:

  1. All delegates are required to keep in accordance with the timeline. Any information revealed later on in the series cannot be disclosed unless the delegate can satisfactorily prove that he/she had the required channels of communication and/or authority in the wizarding world to obtains such information. Doing so will lead to severe penalization by the Executive Board.
  2. We shall allow for communication between delegates that may either be covert or overt. Overt information is made public to committee as soon as it is received by the Executive Board. Covert information, on the other hand, is only marked upon by the Executive Board and passed on to the delegate for which it was intended, without the committee getting to know about the same.
  3. We shall also be allowing for backroom negotiations. A maximum of four delegates can step out of the room for the same after due permission from the Executive Board, and may conduct discuss any sub-topic they wish in the presence of one member of the Executive Board.
  4. In case a delegate wishes to use his or her special powers as defined in the series (for example, Albus Dumbledore can Apparate in and out of Hogwarts School while other witches and wizards cannot) for providing information pertaining to a crisis, he/she needs to send in a crisis note that will then be subject to approval by the Executive Board on the basis of fact and substantive coherence.
  5. Delegates may attempt to commit acts of assassination and spy on delegates within the committee using their own contacts and communication. However, they should note that such actions, especially assassination, are not recommended by the EB and actions taken toward achieving the same shall attract extensive scrutiny. Accepted sources of factual information include the Harry Potter books (including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages, and Tales of Beedle the Bard) and the Pottermore website. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is not an acceptable source.


Prize Worth: 8500.00


Date: Feb. 10, 2018
Venue: TBA
Registration Fees: 500.00 Per Head



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