If you're one for thinking on your feet, finding your way around a passionate Shakespearean monologue or battling it out with a war of words, it's all right here. Give direction to your opinions at BREEZE’18.


Weave the tunes and string them together just right, whether you're using your voice or an instrument. The language of music is universal and you've just got to hit the beats to get the message across. We’re on the lookout for some breathtaking musical talent. Sign up if you think you can make your way to the highs.

Model UN


Answer the call of duty. Make your way to SNU and KO your competition in this year's edition of Breeze's gaming events. Level up. Play on.


For all those willing to entice themselves with all things out-of-the-ordinary, Breeze has plenty loaded. Right from interesting food challenges to extreme cubing - Here's the place to be.

Literary and Quizzing

Ready yourself to engage in a battle of wit and quick-thinking, armored with pieces of knowledge across domains. It is not just a game of memory, but a puzzling back and forth of logic. Connect the facts and concoct an answer. It's never as easy as it looks.

Fashion and Photography

Fashion is the style statement made by any individual defined primarily by what their wearing. It's represents everything from the glamour of an evening gown to the comfort of pajamas. Come live fashion, the 90s way.


Got a flare for the dramatic? Get those emotions flowing and showcase your talents at the multitude of events for those of you with a story in your heart.


Get your heart pumping and feet tapping to the evergreen beats of the 90's with our exciting range of events for all you dancers out there!

Business and Entrepreneurship

Aspire to make it big in the corporate world? This is one opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Prepare to engage in some intense brainstorming, planning and execution, all while tackling a billion intricacies that hinder your progress.